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Here at Sensory Wisdom we aim to go back to basics. We are looking for “a few good beings” who are interested in fairness and equity, those who desire to connect with nature on a daily basis, and those who want the world to be a better place for all earthlings. In a way, we are looking to apply ethics that considers the world.

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Our team

Joanna loves the tactile beauty and simplicity of natural products. Having worked for, and planned, events that promote earth-friendly products, Joanna is excited about the benefits of sustainable living. Looking at the great variety and ingenuity of sustainable products, Joanna is stoked when trying newly concocted liquids, balms, powders, pastes, and scents!

Joanna is an event planning dynamo and an organizational whiz. She handles executive schedules with calm and dexterity. She brings these same skills to her work as a freelance make-up artist where she gets busy making everybody look beautiful.

Pedro is a scientist by heart and works in research and evaluation. While his educational background makes him fit well working solitary in a lab, Pedro loves helping others. He loves other natural beings and recently made friends with insects again. Rediscovering this part of himself gives him joy. He is also happiest when he is sharing his knowledge with others, and when he is counselling.

Pedro has advanced degrees in sciences and, in addition, completed a program in solution focused therapy. He is a published author of journal articles.

Mary Hernandez began this work-in-progress called the Sensory Wisdom. Even as a child, she wanted to make the world better through fairness, empathy, and through an intense curiosity to understand others.

She hopes people will join her in trying to make this world a beautiful and peaceful place, in whatever way they can. Mary has been a contributing author to a book about transforming community.

Mary’s way of being of service is to write and talk about the wisdom of our senses and connecting with nature (including our own). She also helps people navigate and make sense of their situations, and aid them in understanding themselves and the actions that they wish to make. She earned graduate degrees in counselling and psychotherapy, and in policy studies. She holds the following designations: Registered Psychotherapist (Ontario), Canadian Certified Counsellor, and Certified Sustainability Consultant.

In addition, she has longstanding experience of working with organizations in the areas of compliance, ethics, and risk. She would like to work with people who can see the risks and impacts of earth degradation, and who want to do something about it.

Certification for the year 2019-2020

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