Living a disclaimer: “Past performance is not indicative of future results”

This ‘story’ came through an email from Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But the message itself makes sense. Copied and pasted without change, below.

“There’s an old Chinese story about a monk who’s traveling to meet an enlightened guru.

That journey turns out to be quite the perilous quest!

For example:

At one point he reaches a wide river he has to cross: “I gotta find a way to get to the other shore somehow,” he thinks… He looks around, and sees all this bamboo everywhere… 

Hot diggity, that’s exactly what I need!”

So he decides to cut some of it and use it to build a raft. And lo and behold – he comfortably drifts over to the other side!

Now our monastic friend is feeling pretty good about himself.

But then comes the next part of his journey:

He has to cross steep, mountainous terrain… Pretty hard to cross when you have to carry along a raft with you… But by golly, he was so proud of it! 

I mean: He had worked so hard at building it… and not only that: It had served him so well, crossing that river and everything… it just didn’t seem prudent to ditch something so useful…

So he decides to keep it and drag it with him up the mountain. But man – that turns out to be quite the ordeal!

He gets more and more tired and bruised along the way… Until he finally comes to the dreadful realization: “I really gotta let go of this raft, or I’m never gonna make it to the guru…”

** THE POINT: **

Usually, we all reach a juncture like this at some stage in our lives:

What’s right for you at one point can be dead wrong at another…


What got you “here” won’t get you“there:” 

Even if you got some good results from a certain set of actions and beliefs for a while… that doesn’t mean it will assure you permanent happiness and success… To get ahead and shift to your next level, you may need to ditch your old ways in favor of something new.”


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